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Visualize This

I love bubble charts and Venn diagrams!! I love to help people make sense of their data and then find creative ways to help visually and effectively use that data.

You need more than a table of numbers!

Visualize NumbersYour data is brilliantly complex, with more variables than you can shake a stick at. Mulling over mounds and mounds of spreadsheets isn't just boring, it can actually be a waste of your time. A clear and effective visualization can, in a small space, show you the forest that you'd miss for the trees if you were just looking at spreadsheets all the time. To see some examples of effective data visualization and to learn how I can help you - check out Custom Development


ExploringVisualization for exploring can be imprecise. It’s useful when you’re not exactly sure what the data has to tell you and you’re trying to get a sense of the relationships and patterns contained within it for the first time. It may take a while to figure out how to approach or clean the data, and which dimensions to include. Therefore, visualization for exploring is best done in such a way that it can be iterated quickly and experimented upon, so that you can find the signal within the noise. Learn more about my Workshops where we get you started on your data exploration adventure.


ExplainingVisualization for explaining is best when it is cleanest. Here, the ability to pare down the information to its simplest form — to strip away the noise entirely — will increase the efficiency with which a decision maker can understand it. This is the approach to take once you understand what the data is telling you, and you want to communicate that to someone else. This is the kind of visualization you should be finding in those presentations, graphs and charts. Take a look at OEE & B.E.E.R. to find out how I can help you to communicate and explain your Production data.