Better Equipment Effectiveness through Reporting

I bet you were wondering how OEE and BEER worked together!

Beer is made up of 4 key ingredients: Barley, Hops, Water and Yeast. OEE is made up of 3 key 'ingredients': Availability, Quality and Performance.  When you add the 4th key ingredient - the Vorne XL Productivity Appliance - you get B.E.E.R (Better Equipment Effectiveness through Reporting).

Your BEER is only as good as the ingredients (data)!

If you already have the Vorne XL appliances, you know the powerful reporting and analytical tools that they provide.  You know that you can improve manufacturing productivity using these tools.  Did you know that you can realize even greater productivity by visualizing your data across multiple lines, plants and at the enterprise level all at once?


VorneXL-BoltAs the Vorne Authorized Reporting Consultant, I provide customized reporting solutions utilizing the data captured from ALL of your Vorne XL Productivity appliances using the XL Bolt-On Data Collector and the MS SQL Server database and MS Office tools you are already familiar with.

Each reporting solution is customized to include any special data that you are capturing in the various production states (i.e. Setup, Standby and Down), User Numbers and User Strings in addition to joining the interval and timeline stream tables in order to bring all of the data together.


OEE AuditIn addition to customized reporting, I provide support and customization for the OEE Studio -the complete toolbox for Enterprise Production Reporting software (designed specifically for the data captured from the Vorne XL Productivity appliances). Please contact us for a demo of how OEE Studio can help you achieve B.E.E.R.!

Download the OEE Studio Brochure for more details.


OEE AlertOEE Alert is a browser-based application that lets you see ALL of your Vorne XL devices on one screen. View all Vorne XL TPTs™ on one screen! View hourly production OEE or Line Speed for all devices on one screen! Recieve Message Alerts when an asset has been down for more than 10 minutes! All of this and more in OEE Alert. Please contact us for a demo of how OEE Alert can help you achieve B.E.E.R.!

Download the OEE Alert Brochure for more details.